To insert the image into the box, you need to put your cursor in the boxes below where you want to insert an image and select the image icon on the left above styles, click browse server, upload. Upload all images into this area and then double click the image you want to upload. 

It will give you options to resize the image, I would recommend the width being MAX 150. Height 120 tends to work quite well and make sure the padlock is locked so the image doesn't get distorted. 

Miss Mary Lucas

Mrs Sallie Watts
Foundation & Class 1 Teacher

Mrs Angela Ralphs
Learning Mentor & TA Level 3
Mrs Caroline Rigby
Learning Mentor & Nursery TA Level 3
Mrs Sharon Church
Class 3 Teacher
Miss Lucy Cordey
Class 2 Teacher

Mrs Sarah Hyland
Class 1 TA and TA Level 3

Ms Janet Davies
Nursery TA
Ms April Normandin
Class 3 TA & SEN TA
Ms Miriam Butler
Class 3 TA & SEN TA
Miss Emily Jones
Class 2 TA
Mrs Lynn Daniels
School Administrator
Mrs Suzanne Smith
Cleaner in Charge
Mrs Yvonne Lazenby
Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Haines-Eynon
Teaching Assistant
Mr Mark Haines-Eynon
Chair of Governors