‘Aim High’

Journey day!

Date: 1st Mar 2024 @ 3:36pm

We had another exciting day in Red Squirrel class today as it was our "journey day." We were looking at the religion Judaism, specifically all about their festival "Passover" or "Pesach." We started off by listening to the story of the Prophet Moses and how he helped the Israelites to escape from Egypt and Pharoah. We made puppets and retold the story and even made our own Matzah bread which is traditionally eaten during Passover at the "Seder meal." We learned that the Seder meal is made up of different foods that have their own special meaning and so we designed our own meal that has a special meaning. Some of our meals were made by mummy's, daddy's or grandparents and that's why they are special. Some meals were treats that we have once in a while. We had a super day!

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