‘Aim High’

Christian Distinctiveness

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We are proud to be Clive Church of England Primary school. Our Christian vision is fundamental to who we are. We are the small school on the hill, looking out across Shropshire and beyond into the world to Aim High. As we celebrate 150 years of education at Clive CE Primary School, we look both to the past and ahead to the future. We are aware that we don’t know where our children will be in 10, 20 or more years. Therefore, we equip them for whatever lies ahead.  This is a partnership between staff, parents, governors, diocese and our wider church community. We aim to prepare for their future journey to wherever they may be heading, working with whoever they meet along the way, whatever their gender, faith, culture or lifestyle. We learn to show respect to others, take responsibility for ourselves and the world around us and to show resilience when the journey gets difficult, knowing that God is beside and with us. 

We value the opportunity to come together to worship and praise God in a variety of ways and to learn about people around the world through our curriculum and through our lunchtime Global Learning Club.  We encourage people to develop their spirituality through different pathways - through creativity, the senses, through being still and calm, and outside within our Woodland school. Our whole school community enjoys learning about Christian faith and other faiths around the world. We enjoy sharing this with parents and carers through our class worship and studies in Religious Education. Pupils enjoy planning and leading worship and can express their feelings, emotions and views. Worship takes place as a whole school, within a class group and within the worship group.  Click on the picture above and see this verse 'spoken' through Makaton by one of our favourites - Becky George.

Our Christian Distinctiveness Advisor, from Lichfield diocese, regularly visits school and, in conjunction with Prees and Whixall schools, provides Worship training for the Year 6 Worship Team.

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