‘Aim High’

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Blists Hill visit, by Mrs Watts

Amazing Volcanoes, by Miss Cordey

Bee visit!, by Miss Anderson

Archery, by Mrs Watts

Fluttering butterflies, by Mrs Watts

Fencing and Archery!, by Miss Anderson

Phonics detectives, by Mrs Watts

Happy Hoola Hooping Day!, by Mrs Watts

Hula hooping was a blast!, by Miss Anderson

Real Maths, by Mr Watts

Makaton concert, by Mrs Watts

Wellbeing day!, by Miss Anderson

Caterpillars to Butterflies!, by Miss Anderson

30 Days Wild, by Mrs Watts

Exploring sound, by Mrs Watts

Bees in the woods, by Mrs Watts

Beep Beep Day, by Mrs Watts

Show and tell, by Miss Anderson

The sunflowers are growing!, by Miss Anderson

Sweet peas are growing!, by Mrs Watts

Our Sunflowers!, by Miss Anderson

Swimming, by Mrs Watts

Old Macdonald's Easter farm!, by Miss Anderson

Bees, by Mrs Watts

A Medieval Banquet!, by Miss Anderson

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